colorado gator wrestling

“Ride it like a cowboy,” someone yelled. ), In an era of pricey tourist attractions with well-rehearsed routines, the gator park is defiantly do-it-yourself, with dirt roads, hand-painted signs, rusty pools and a disdain for safety measures like work boots and gloves. Big snakes, reptiles. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. Luckily someone called Young, who came out with a long metal file and pried the gator’s mouth open. Mather shows me his hand; he still has all his digits.

The description online is brief, informing those interested that they’ll be wrestling 2-foot long to 8-foot long alligators, earning a “Certificate of Insanity” if they pass. Seems fair. The class must be scheduled and paid for at least 1 week in advance. After a bit of indecisiveness, I found a gator that wasn’t looking my way. With a quick pull, the man ripped the gator off of him, tossing the animal back into the water. A: Yes! Now, the gator park is the primary source of revenue and the tilapia are secondary.

Amazingly, CG says they've never had a "severe" injury, but you do have to sign a waiver promising you won't sue (or whine) if you get chomped. “We’re looking for their injuries, not the glamour.”. There were only tilapia — lots and lots of tilapia. This is where the Carole Baskins come in. “In order to survive down here, you have to do something different,” said Judy Messoline, 71, who opened the U.F.O. It involves tilapia carcasses, illegal pets and lost appendages. “It wouldn’t be fun,” he said, “if it was safe.”, While alligator wrestling exists in swampy parts of the country like Florida, it is most often performed by professionals, and few places allow rookies to take part. A Draw for Thrill Seekers, and Critics. “Toes sticking up make a good snack,” said an instructor, Drew Nelson, 36.

We'd love to hear eyewitness If you would like to learn more about the park, CLICK HERE. “If you feel something you don’t like, be a tree.”. Say "I taste like chicken!" Once that gator had been doctored up, I pointed its head to the water and hopped off. Our group heads into the water in search of a large gator. If you’re interested in taking the class yourself, you can find out more about it on the  official website . It had several large cuts that required treatment with antibiotic ointment. “It’s an adventure,” said the park’s owner, Jay Young, 42, whose family moved here in 1974; they started a tilapia farm using thermal waters that flow beneath the landlocked valley, brought in alligators to aid in the cleanup and eventually converted the operation into a reptile menagerie. . There was an error processing your request. The cost: $100. The agility of those short little legs and the swiftness of its jaws. He reached down to grab a tail and started to pull when the unexpected happened.

As word started to get out about so many gators living in the middle of Colorado, a demand for tours of the facility rose. A species with an inclination for violence, alligators are constantly fighting among those in their congregation, often to the death. Complete the class to earn your “Certificate of Insanity!”  Chicken out and earn your “Sir Robin” Award (see Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail).

Here, injuries are part of the package. Or, as anyone working at the rescue will correct you in that deadpan, Disneyland Jungle Cruise guide-style shtick they’ve all got down pat: They haven’t lost any fingers at the park; they know where they are. From here, you give the tail a quick yank, launching yourself onto the gator’s head before it has a chance to attack. Then I started to pull. A: No. This isn’t like watching “Tiger King” from the safety of your sofa.

Telluride converting gondola cars into dining cabins for the winter, Photos show damage to Rocky Mountain National Park from East Troublesome Fire, Halloween will have its first full moon in nearly two decades (BCC: Werewolves), Denver's winter celebrations will somehow be bigger this year -- but some favorites will be missing. While this is safer for the wranglers, it’s more dangerous for the gators. I pried it out of the gator’s mouth and sent it to the hospital.”. The fingers belonged to two men in the Fox family, the regulars who come down at least once a year to wrestle. Josh Stokely has worked on and off at Colorado Gators Reptile Park for several years. It costs $100 and must be scheduled a week in advance. . Our instructor pointed out an ideal gator and I placed two hands firmly on the tip of its tail…no reaction. Gator Wrestling New Orleans Style! The cost of the class is not refundable, however, the class can always be rescheduled. “You have to really love this job to do this job,” Mather said. The first student from our class bravely headed into the water. “Freedom, that’s what this is about,” he said. Tiffany gets 2 fingers a little too close, while catching a big alligator during Gatorfest 19. The next steps include cleaning out wounds that the gator has sustained, rubbing antibiotic ointment on cuts and scrapes. The majority of the gators come to the Mosca park via confiscations — people keeping illegal pets that get seized by law enforcement. The park is home to more than just alligators. Allyson Reedy is first and foremost an eater. Gators will take any chance to snap at you that they can get, so if you’re slow or hesitant, that can be a big problem. Deep in … All contents Copyright © 2020 The Denver Post or other copyright holders. The trouble was, after fileting the tilapia, they’d be left with loads of fish guts and carcasses, and nobody wants that. With the recent alligator attacks in Florida, you'd best learn to protect yourself before taking your summer vacation. And fish, because that’s how it all got started anyway. If you’re thinking about trying this, keep in mind that you’ll need to be athletic enough to hold down a powerful animal, quick enough to foil its attacks, and confident that you won’t hesitate. 9162 CR 9 N. Mosca, CO 81146. The alligator wrestling class started when Young’s friend helped him move several of the smaller gators. His worst injury — because in this line of work, injuries are an expected part of the job — came when his fingers got trapped in a gator’s mouth for nearly four minutes. Yes, alligator wrestling is an adrenaline rush, but that’s not the real reason why alligator wrestling exists – at least not at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park. Sparsely populated and largely free of light pollution, the valley lays claim to more than a dozen spiritual centers, a U.F.O.

Alligator wrestling shows a total lack of respect to wild animals and can result in desensitizing human observers and participants who will rationalize the abuse of animals as an acceptable form of sport.”. Young and Mather, though, are adamant that the gators aren’t being hurt at the park. I quickly pulled it to shore in attempt to foil its aggressive plan of defense. I inspected the gator for wounds that might need tending to and released it into the water with a gentle push. Alligators. As word started to get out about so many gators living in the middle of Colorado, a demand for tours of the facility rose. Not wanting to hurt the gator and obviously not wanting it to hurt me either, it was an easy choice to skip the wrestling. Meghan catches a large alligator. Eventually, it calmed down enough and the rest of the class moved in to inspect its wounds. At the park, the class moved to Pond 3, the finale. Bertha opened her jaw like a lion and let out a hiss like a snake.

Success! That’s where the gator wrestling comes in. Neck deep, he hooked the rope around something heavy and then slowly emerged, dragging a 10-foot-3 alligator named Big Bertha by the neck.

But many animal welfare activists worry that it’s more about fun for the humans and less about caring for the creatures. The gator immediately opened its mouth and started hissing, trying to turn to face me. “That’s what keeps the bills paid and the rescue going,” Young said of the park. (In 16 years, she has had 30,000 visitors, she said, and 110 extraterrestrial sightings. He grew up with the gators and has worked there since 1996, when he left engineering school at Colorado State University to help his dad run the place. racist or sexually-oriented language. Yep…you read that right. I skipped the wrestling, but, according to Young, 150 or so amateur gator grapplers per year do not.

Once a gator was found, someone had to jump down on the animal, hang on for a ride across the water until the gator got tired, and then slide a lasso around the gator’s neck so that it could be led to shore. "Alligators are not very nice even to each other," commented Jay Young, owner of the park, "so there are going to be injuries. In my mind — which, again, didn’t really put much effort into considering just what a terrible idea this was — gator wrestling had a sort of Disneyesque sterility. This also helps to lower the mortality rate of smaller alligators more likely to fall victim to fatal wounds. And yes, actual human fingers bit off by the gators are displayed in the gift shop. By Thrillist. While I probably won’t be on the back of an alligator again anytime soon, I can say with full certainty that this was a day I won’t soon forget. “Because they can bite.”. Then they were on to Pond 2, which teemed with alligators measuring four to seven feet in length. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. This year, they’re adding blindfolded wrestling to the mix. The wrestling classes serve a purpose.

Mr. Arenson, from Minnesota, said he planned his trip around the lesson. In 1977, a man named Erwin Young started an 80-acre farm raising fish. Signup today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. Erwin learned of the geothermal water resources available in the Valley and wanted to grow Tilapia, an African perch that requires warm water and is very good to eat. Me giving a 9-footer a smooch. “I’m kind of half hoping he’ll actually bite somebody,” said L.B. Q: Is the Wrestling Class dangerous? To graduate from one level to the next, students must catch two gators in each of four weight classes, starting out with cute 3-footers, all the way up to 11-foot monsters. With sweaty palms clutched tight on my steering wheel, I imagined the worst possible outcomes of what I was about to do. It’s not just for show.

transcript. The Colorado Gators and Reptiles Park is located in Mosca and is home to more than 250 alligators, a pack of African Sulcata tortoises, Nile crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and much more. If a gator doesn’t succumb to the initial wound, infection quickly becomes a serious and deadly issue. Mr. Arneson danced around the gator and then jumped onto its back, hooking his feet under her arms, his hands in her jaw crease. Colorado Gators: Behind the scenes with albino alligators, Colorado Gators: Behind the scenes with crocodiles. One thing led to another and individuals with overgrown alligators, or unwanted exotic pets and reptiles began depositing or dropping them off at the gator park. This experience can result in serious injury and death. Once on shore, I took a deep breath and yanked, putting my hands to the back of the gators skull as quickly as possible while pinning it to the ground with my thighs. Critics see the park as a dangerous, even cruel, gimmick contrived for adrenaline junkies raised on reality television.

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