firefox audio capture

Chris Mills is a senior tech writer at Mozilla, where he writes docs and demos about open web apps, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, A11y, WebAssembly, and more. He lives near Manchester, UK, with his good lady and three beautiful children. Allows audio capture, processing and playback with zero lines of program code. ELVideoCapture ActiveX DLL is a simple and easy video/audio capture solution. User define transparent color, alpha value. Once you install the Mozilla add-on, you can find a small record button on the status bar to capture Firefox browser activities. Mix music and voice from microphone to wav or mp3 file in real time and adjust volume when mixing.Capture audio to Wave, WMA, MP3 file format. Capture Audio from selected Audio device. Your sound card does not need have Stereo Mix (For Window 7, Window 8 and vista) Can schedule unattended recording. Moreover, you can use the program for Mac, Windows and Linux. Capture Audio from selected Audio device. Platform: Windows. Platform: Windows,

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