hilco refinery

The former PES Oil Refinery located in Southwest Philadelphia will become a state of the art multi-modal logistics facility to move goods and services from all over the world.
“Our sequence given what we believe is going to be the path of least resistance from the remediation perspective and demolition is going to be from north to south,” said Perez. Hilco Redevelopment Partners names Melissa Schrock to new role as ... Hilco Redevelopment Partners Provides Details of Proposal to... 3,000 tanks and vessels once used to heat, hold and refine hydrocarbons. Hilco Global operates as a holding company comprised of over 20 specialized business units that work to help companies understand the value of their assets and then monetize that value. Hilco roughly plans to clean up and redevelop the site starting from the area around the North Yard and then extending to the tank farms located along 26th Street. This site could play a valuable role in future crises. DV.load("https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/7000048-53688521-Consent-Order-PES.js", 1/2, container: "#DV-viewer-7000048-53688521-Consent-Order-PES", Visit The Philadelphia Inquirer at www.inquirer.com. We could decide how the site would connect back into adjoining neighborhoods, what ecological role it should play, how it would connect to transit, and how we could create a gateway to the city from the airport at Girard Point.

“Based on the planned redevelopment of the site, most soils at the site will ultimately be located beneath a development component that will serve as an exposure barrier,” the plan says. HRP envisions the development of a modern, world-class global logistics hub in Jefferson Parish, LA. Hilco has promised to pay a $1.25 million annual payment to the Philadelphia School District in lieu of school taxes. CDPQ also committed to target up to $150 million in annual investments in redevelopment projects, and is expected to supply some of the funding that Hilco needs to acquire and develop the site. The tank farm and the rail yards can be put into immediate use, generating revenue while demolition and cleanup take place on other parts of the site, said Roberto Perez, the chief executive of Hilco Redevelopment Partners. PES was the East Coast’s largest refinery until a corroded fuel line ignited early on June 21, 2019, setting off an alarming series of blasts that damaged the plant and tipped public sentiment against the refinery’s continued operation. HRP is focused on creating exceptional value by developing and managing state-of-the-art warehouses, fulfillment centers, and industrial facilities located near major transportation hubs, ports, and strategic infrastructure assets to create supply chain efficiencies for end users. The plan does not include an interchange on the Schuylkill Expressway that Hilco says it envisions for the site, but which would require approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. So we’re not looking to make decisions Day One to get a return on Day Two. “Seriously contaminated soil should be removed, not just pushed together under buildings and parking lots,” said Peter Winslow, president of A SMART Collaboration LLC, a coalition of environmental groups. As the industry leader in successfully completing large scale industrial real estate redevelopment projects, HRP is committed to delivering transformative developments and creating economic growth for all stakeholders. Hilco has chosen NorthStar Contracting Group Inc., a major demolition contractor with offices in Philadelphia, to conduct the demolition. Hilco Redevelopment Partners has named an operations head to help oversee its planned 1,300-acre transformation of the former Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery site into an … In addition to a qualified local project team, our firm has the experience and expertise to successfully and responsibly redevelop the former refinery," Grey said.

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