only motivated when drunk

close to week 7 for me.

I don’t black out, I don’t have hangovers, I don’t feel as if I have a drinking problem and yet I drink every day, and my start time is becoming earlier now that I am retired, and I constantly feel as if I should cut down or stop.

I find I am thinking about a glass of wine at all times. I progress in no meaningful way towards any of my personal goals, and connect in no meaningful way to other people. Success is my destiny.

The cycle is vicious. Absolutely devastating to witness. However, the alcohol cravings returned. So many opportunities! Sending you hugs and positive vibes. Time for a change. I have some positive things to work on which will take energy, strength and courage. She figured him out quick & gave him the ultimatum but my Dad chose "his right to drink". I only feel comfortable dealing with the work when drinking. Yes the drinking will still need to be addressed but if your depression is also treated you will be on a new journey. Own it. Congratulations Janice – inspiring stuff! But over the past year, it has become less and less of a focus for me. My husband is a functioning alcoholic and if I am truly honest with myself, I may be too. Please try again.

As I read over this post, I remembered writing down all the reasons I wanted to be sober. I know I have a purpose.

I want to stop drinking because I keep saying things I regret. But why? Im from a family of alcoholics have quit drinking several times and im doing it again for the start of 2018 only been few days but already feel better how do I stay that way everyone I know drinks Ive had alot of tragedy lately and was drinking more then ever but still going to work hopeing not to smell like alcohol cuz I drank so much the night before.Im looking for support group in my area I dont care for aa and cant afford rehab.I really want to do it this time and Im tired of saying Im sorry all the time.want to stay sober. With the Sober School you have access to the course forever! . He painted “The Persistence of Memory.” You have probably seen it before I put it at the top of this post. I drank for 40 years….missing in action for many important days in my life. I was doing great. You should go for it. My male friend says yes he's an alcoholic, been to rehab 3 times but he is so insightful-he knows why he drinks-aboriginal & had his kids taken, but he says he can't deal with the pain or episodes of reality about the loss of his family-so he drinks when the pain comes up. You could be a better person, but your temper is often unchecked. We can do this!

I think my main trigger for wanting a drink is when I am feeling angry.

Ill never forget walking into intensive care & seeing a shadow of a man. Hello Denise, I think so many of us use some types of avoidance strategies or things to give us confidence.Could you try writing a list of all that you dislike or find hard to manage at work? You could be a great musician, but class is starting in five minutes.

Feel brighter than normal this morning and slept much better! I was listening to music and then I accidently locked myself in, slumped into some kind of alcohol “sleep”.

The Shortest Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Read, A Lesson Learned on Greed and Giving in New York City, An optimistic attitude isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. As I have just replied to Shannon, I slid off track recently…. What is the "something" that drinking helps with? I am hoping to retire next year and am so glad I am sober as there are so many things I want to do. Because I want my loved ones to be proud of me.

But why? I’m hoping it sticks and I have the strength I need to not bother with alcohol again. I have found this blog particulaly helpful in reminding me why I started on this path. Still miss holding the glass and sipping pretty much a whole bottle in a few hours. He drank terribly and it quickly became “if you can’t beat em’ join ’em” ( in no way trying to blame him because nobody was forcing me to drink) I realized that I could handle him better if we were both buzzed (red flag) If you’ve already done it, do it again as there is a lot of clarity the second time around. X Mares. So I don’t really know how many days I’ve been AF, either 38 or 39 days. 2, I assume you are tired of the moderation game or t, I just saw your reply.

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