postmates down

No answers just horrible service to a loyal customer but ok I guess that’s it thank god I’m not out of work due to COVID, I will be canceling my service immediately. @snew_pleop

@Kylerick8 @SeanMandell @brettbeall What the hell live support useless, @livecut @Uber @lyft @DoorDash We can accept a task from both @doordash and @postmates and deliver simultaneously. Sell on Postmates Developers API Docs Merchant Support Restaurants Near Me.

@UnhappyPostmat1 The difference in countless losses, simply use anyone but postmates. Hello @Postmates @Postmates_Help why can my husband and I not get a proper response from you? am i doing something wrong? @Postmates I am having an issue and having trouble getting customer service. @noodlescompany Thank you for resolving the issue when Postmates and the local store refused to help! What kind business are you running? And I can't get any assist on the issue!

@DoorDash_Help you guys need to do better about checking orders, my orders from you have been messed up twice this week alone and it’s getting to be annoying and I’m considering removing your app and going with Postmates unless you guys fix this broken system of yours. We can refuse any task offered with no repercussions. @KidPuertoRico I'm not getting paid currently. I wrote the news for help.
I was grossly over charged and am unable to get help through the app. @Postmates, @schraderwest

You have competition.

I purchased $174.17 in groceries from Walmart through their delivery service.The postmates delivery driver reported my groceries as delivered, however he stole them. How can I cancel the order?

@MiniGamerOfLife After reviewing your account, we are unable to view any recent orders placed under this email. @Basti I dont like to air dirty laundry but im tired of the was customers service treats you at postmates. I won't use them. MERCHANTS. @Postmates_Help @Postmates my order was WRONG and some MISSING and this has happened more than once with NO ACTUAL HELP? @DharmaDivine It’s not cute, FACT: #prop22 does nothing but prop up the "gig economy" which is a proven failed business model. And I can't get any assist on the issue! Vote NO on Prop 22 to support your driver's! Not able to enter any banking information for direct deposit. I will not allow any operators I work with too either.

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Order from postmates or grubhub. no i did not almost start crying bc my postmates isnt working and i just want a smoothie. Ordered lunch for mom yesterday from @Postmates without issues..Nothing is perfect but not answering when there are issues is huge. Items were all cold and some missing items. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Hello @Postmates @Postmates_Help why can my husband and I not get a proper response from you? @GGluskinBraun I've been trying to report an issue with an order for over 4 days now and it STILL won't let me.

@Lucas7yoshi The synchronization servers for certain domains in G Suite are down currently. Literally the worst/sketchy company I've dealt with in a loooong time. Also don't post any of your personal information.

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