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Some relevant equations Topic Equation 1.3 = 2.2 and C.4 = 5.1 = ∆ Title: Microsoft Word - 9-01 Gas Laws Formula Sheet.doc Author: Brent White Created Date: 7/6/2005 9:01:24 PM Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. This will help you to complete the chapter revision very quickly and … All Chemistry Formulas for O levels Chemistry by Ethan Wu Hydrogen carbonate HCO 3-Hydride H-Hydroxide OH-Carbonate CO 3 2- Nitrate NO 3 - Nitrite NO 2-Nitride N3- Phosphate PO 4 3-Sulfate SO 4 2-Sulfite SO 3 2-Sulfide S2-Ammonia NH 3 Ammonium ion NH 4 + Mole Concept One mole of any substance contains 6 X 1023 particles (Avogadro’s number). Chemistry Formulas: Ideal Gas law PV = nRT n = number of moles R = universal gas constant = 8.3145 J/mol K . Angular momentum quantum number (l) orbital shape (s, p, d, f) l = 0, to …n-1 Magnetic quantum ORBITALS AND ELECTRONS Quantum numbers descriptions Quantum number Description Possible values Principal quantum number (n) energy level n=1, 2, 3…. … MCAT Chemistry Equation Sheet We’ve helped over 50,000 students get better grades since 1999! Download Chemistry Formulas For Class XI , Class12 and Under Graduates. Search Search Author: RESONANCE Size of File: 8.5MB Number Of Pages: 109 Language: ENGLISH Category : CHEMISTRY Page Quality: Good FORMULA BOOK DOWNLOAD LINK Chemistry Basic Formulas & Equations Reference The complete list of chemistry basic equations & formulas cheat sheet for PDF download to help users to use them offline to learn or workout how to execute or solve the various calculations of normality, molarity, molality, enthalpy, entropy, gas, energy, equilibrium and much more. 1. Academic team of entrancei uploaded all important formula use in atomic structure, download the pdf of chemistry formula of chapter just after you have completed the topic and revise it from the pdf. CHEMISTRY 1 EXAMINATIONS – NOVEMBER 2015 DATA SHEET Physical constants Avogadro constant, NA = 6.022 10 23 mol–1 Faraday constant, F = 96485 C mol–1 Planck constant, h = 6.626 10–34 J s Speed of light in vacuum, c = 2.998 108 m s–1 Rydberg constant, ER = 2.18 10 –18 J Boltzmann constant, kB = 1.381 10 –23 J K–1 Permittivity of a vacuum, 0 = 8.854 10 Chemistry Formula Sheet - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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