rapa nui grammar

We log anonymous usage statistics. Uniquely for an Eastern Polynesian language, Rapa Nui has preserved the original glottal stop of Proto-Polynesian. The distinction is marked by a possessive suffix inserted before the relevant pronoun.

A grammar of Rapa Nui the language of Easter Island ACADEMISCH PROEFSCHRIFT ter verkrijging van de graad Doctor aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, op gezag van de rector magnificus prof.dr. Where there is no expectation of a particular answer, the form remains the same as a statement. The pronouns are always ahead of the person singular (PRS) 'a' and relational particle (RLT) 'i' or dative (DAT) 'ki'. [33], 'I must cook dinner for my children who are hungry', poki 'children' is an alienable possession therefore a is used to indicate that in this sentence, therefore the possessive pronoun "ta'aku" is used instead of "to'oku".

[62], '(if the mother does not eat the fish caught by her firstborn son), he will not fail to catch fish.'

It is talking about the speaker's brother, which is an inalienable relation.

Paulus Kieviet obtained MAs in Semitic Languages (1997) and General Linguistics (1998) from Leiden University, both cum laude. After an introductory chapter, the grammar deals with phonology, word classes, the noun phrase, possession, the verb phrase, verbal and nonverbal clauses, mood and negation, and clause combinations. When combined with kai, it indicates that the negative state continues.

This marker occurs when the clause has perfect aspect (often obligatory with the perfect marker ko). [R413.635][49], Unlike the other two clausal negators (which are preverbal particles), ꞌina is a phrase head,[41] thus it can form a constituent of its own. [R539-1.335][63], Hia / ia is a morpheme used immediately after negated verbs and co-occurs with a negator to indicate actions or events which are interrupted or are yet to happen. Census data does not exist on the primary known and spoken languages among these people. [44] It usually occurs in imperfective contexts, as well as habitual clauses and narrative contexts, and is used to negate actions and states. [citation needed]. The phonology of Rapa Nui reveals certain issues of typological interest, such as the existence of strict conditions on the phonological shape of words, word-final devoicing, and reduplication patterns motivated by metrical constraints. Here is the table for the pronoun forms in Rapa Nui:[27][28], Yes/no questions are distinguished from statements chiefly by a particular pattern of intonation. The grammar is supplemented with a number of interlinear texts, two maps and a subject index. The reduplication of whole nouns or syllable parts performs a variety of different functions within Rapa Nui. Among the data Thomson collected was the Rapa Nui calendar. In this example the bolded section represents the reduplication of a syllable which indicates the plurality of the subject of a transitive verb: The reduplication of the final two syllables of a verb indicates plurality or intensity. Copulative, adversative and disjunctive notions are typically communicated by context or clause order. Nieuwsgierig? [R363.091][53], (E)ko is the imperfective negator, which (like kai) replaces the aspectual marker in front of the verb, and which can occur with the negator ꞌina. [36], Terms which did not exist in original Rapa Nui were created via compounding:[37]. Within Eastern Polynesian, it is closest to Marquesan morphologically, although its phonology has more in common with New Zealand Maori, as both languages are relatively conservative in retaining consonants lost in other Eastern Polynesian languages. Bekijk hier onze lunch-, diner-, en Rapaskaart en laat je verleiden om langs te komen en te genieten van het prachtige uitzicht. In the Rapa Nui language, there are alienable and inalienable possession. The velar nasal /ŋ/ is sometimes transcribed with a ⟨g⟩, but sometimes with a Greek eta, ⟨η⟩, as a graphic approximation of ⟨ŋ⟩. Rapa Nui of Rapanui is de inheemse bevolkingsgroep van Paaseiland.De bevolking is van Polynesische afkomst.. Wanneer precies de eerste Polynesiërs op Paaseiland aankwamen is niet geheel duidelijk, mogelijk arriveerden ze rond de 5e eeuw n.Chr. The Rapa Nui language is isolated within Eastern Polynesian, which also includes the Marquesic and Tahitic languages. In 2016, he obtained a PhD from VU University, Amsterdam. As present generation Rapa Nui speak Spanish as their first language in younger years and learn Rapa Nui later in life, flap /ɾ/ in word-initial position can be pronounced alveolar trill [r]. [23] To describe colours for which there is not a predefined word, the noun for an object of a like colour is duplicated to form an adjective. us to dance)?'

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