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Since your power and grace are granted to impossible needs, I pray for your help with this particular urgency.

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St. Expedite, the patron of urgent needs and impossible situations, eliminates conflict, and bring peace everywhere.

He gained his saintly position when the nuns who received his remains realized the power he had in granting prayers and petitions. Let us enjoy your pity, opening doors, increasing business sales, attracting more customers, and making more people trust our service. Herbs

Saint Expedite was an Armenian saint who died as a Christian martyr.

The name of the conjure doctor who shared the information about using many different candle colors with St Espidee was called “Nahnee.”

Please help me find the path I should follow and support me in fulfilling my life purpose and being happy with the right person.

Paracelsus Von Hohenheim While you wait, you can let the candle burn and flowers to stay on the altar, making sure you dispose of them before they begin to wilt. Saint Expedite is the Patron Saint of the Republic of Molossia. If you are in a difficult or impossible situation, with problems, urgent needs, or want to get grace, pray now a powerful prayer to St. Expedite. 👋Your Prayer Now has been created, produced by José Gomes and a team of beautiful people. July Lore

January 2017 Sara

He is the patron saint for people who wish for quick solutions to problems, especially financial, legal, or pregnancy-related problems. August 2015

He will hear your prayer and answer your call, but you must believe what you say, and first, trust him.

Red for expediency and yellow for success. Looking for a platform to spread word of Expedite’s great works? Haints For a successfully fulfilled petition, you must pay your respects to the Saint keeping in mind that he gave up his life solely for the sake of Christianity. The faith in God, our Lord, is powerful for our lives. Besides the candle and glass of water (which are absolutely essential), other offerings Saint Expedite expects as a traditional soldier in exchange for his work are slices of pound cake, red roses, red wine, and some coins. Your comment will be posted after it is approved. After the petition has been fulfilled, you can pour the water into the soil of a plant (palm would be best).


St. Expedite, lock with your divine key all evil doors and let a door open to the grace and goodness of our Lord. So I pray for you to take the stress and worry out of my heart by solving the situation.

Religious Images Religious Icons Religious Art Catholic Prayers Catholic Saints Roman Catholic Patron Saints Sainte Rita Catholic Online You who have strength, power, and understanding helping me; do not let my heart be hurt.

December 2017

Feminism To request St. Expedite , you can accompany your prayers with a red candle on top of a saucer.

In your hands, I am, and in your power, I trust my feelings.

Always coming to my aid with guidance, direction and ASSISTANCE ALWAYS!!! More information about working with Saint Expedite for 'things in a hurry' and "Fast Luck" using a red candle, water, an image and a promise of pound cake. Alternatively, you can place it in the south or east directions, or in the direction of your Sheng Chi, your personal direction for prosperity according to Feng Shui.

I trust in your presence and kindness.

April 2016 EXPEDITE!!! St. Expedite Feel free to decorate it in any way that makes you happy. The cloth covering the altar must be red or white, and you will essentially need an image of Saint Expedite.
You can obtain sample petitions from the internet that you can use as a template to construct your own petition.

If you already have something to ask from Saint Expedite, then you should start your prayers by setting up an altar dedicated to the saint. Attend to my needs. April 2017 Divine St. Expedite, I am going through a moment of despair. I come with faith, trust, and serenity in your power, and in Jesus’ to ask for your grace now, I need prosperity in my home. Saint Of Many Colors

Answer my heart! Attend to my affliction!

He will hear your prayer and answer your call, but you must believe what you say, and first, trust him. Folklore

you always come in ways that are unexpected but you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS COME THROUGH!!!

My economy is deteriorating, and I need your help to continue protecting and caring for my family.
Angel He is highly worshipped by Catholic believers in the U.S., Europe, and South America. Healer

It is a painful situation, and I worry a lot about everything that involves my family. Remember to keep them as detailed and specific as possible. I want to ask for your help to give me your grace and prosperity in my business! Hyatt It would be better if you use a prayer candle with appropriate colors or a sigil on it or a conjure candle, such as these beautiful ones available at Creole Moon. February 2018 May Water Krampus Smudging New Orleans Voudou I will be eternally grateful for your grace, goodness, and strength in your divine presence. To request St. Expedite, you can accompany your prayers with a red candle on top of a saucer.

New Orleans Voodoo

Your email address will not be published. Thank you, mighty Saint Expedite, for your divine mercy! Please give us your grace and protection without harming others. Thank you my dear friend!!!

Sometimes a brave soul will venture into the color green for money. Tutorial Good Luck How To Consecrate

Not much is known about him, but he is said to have been martyred during the Diocletianic Persecution, one of the most inhuman and severe persecutions of Christians in Melitene in AD 303.

December 2015 I thank you for listening with mercy, and in your will, I trust in the powerful Saint Expedite. You can write down your exact petition before beginning so you don’t miss any points while performing the ritual. Not only is it a way of keeping him happy but also you can use the opportunity to spread the good news about such a potent Saint and help others have their wishes fulfilled.

July 2017

THANK YOU for always being a great friend to me. Let us be invisible to every bad situation and guide us always on the path of goodness and justice.

Conjure Boo Hags

Dusts What have your experiences been in working with the Saint of the Thundering Legion?

Expedite prefers doorways, hence it is best to set up your altar near the front or back door. The most important thing to remember while petitioning to Saint Expedite is that only prayers aren’t enough for your petition to be fulfilled.

Your email address will not be published.

You can place half of your offerings when you perform the petition and promise to pay the remaining after it gets fulfilled.

Zulu Sangoma. I ask for your strength, vigor, and wisdom to become a good person. It is said that the day he decided to convert to Christianity, a crow (or a snake, in some folk stories) appeared before him and told him to undergo the conversion the next day. It should preferably be printed or even prepared in the form of a spirit bottle.

Answer it! The prayer to Saint Expedite should be done with devotion and faith. The situation is eroding my being, and I don’t know what else to do.

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