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17WSM News. Though it aims to guide and stabilize the magazine before and during loading, it can be quite fiddly especially if when you’re in a hurry. Yes, the newer 17 WSM rimfire has better ballistics, but 17 HMR ammunition is considerably less expensive, and you have a much larger selection of rifles and pre-chambered aftermarket barrels. With this article, we at, will be setting the record straight about the 17WSM with a FAQ section. Latest. Franklin Armory 1195 F17-L Standard Semi-Auto 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 20" 10+1 Magpul MOE Rifle Stock OD Green/Black. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the .17 Winchester Super Magnum Rimfire ammunition, as well as with the rifles and other basic information on the cartridge itself. The load performed admirably and is a good choice for a full day of blasting away, with a box of 50 rounds running about $16 at your local sporting g… To make shooting safer, Ruger comes with the three position safety system which operates the same as Ruger M77 centerfire rifle model. We will continue to update this list as new rifles are reviewed and additional data becomes available. Our Lightweight model semi-auto rimfire is no lightweight except in terms of weight. The Anschutz 1710 DHB is the most accurate 22 rifle that I've tested. CZ 455 American Rifle. Perhaps the Savage 93R17’s main selling point is its AccuTrigger feature. This rifle features a stainless steel action, a Ruger 6-round rotary mag, … However, most view the .17HMR as strictly a field round. The rifle functions flawlessly. All recorded groups are fired from a solid bench rest at an outdoor rifle range. I may be wrong but I think that it is unlikely that CZ or Ruger will be making a bolt action rifle for the 17 WSM … If the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) is your first choice for varmint ammo, then be prepared for an upset. The CZ 455, being the updated version of CZ 452, takes advantage of many innovations for an improved accuracy and smoother operation. * We tested two different Marlin Model 917VS and Ruger K77/17VMBBZ rifles. This type of rifle is designed for long distance shooting, and as such, its accuracy is something to ponder upon. Ammunition Info Setting the Record Straight About the … The Volquartsen Summit .17 WSM Rifle has a straight-pull toggle bolt action. The 20.5-inch blued hammer-forged barrel contributes to its overall length. The Guns … We found out the gun is crazily accurate, and at 100 yards, the shots hitting the bull’s eye have high probability. Likewise, it has good balance point which makes things very right for your comfort. The calibers may range from .22 LR o .17 HMR and the model may have no sight or with scope bases. The .17 WSM easily outperforms all previous rimfire varmint cartridges, particularly the .17 HMR and .22 WMR, in both wind drift and trajectory. Though CZ 455 has no sights included, there are optional CZ rings available. Some say hunting for smaller species is actually more challenging than hunting big ones. Despite its high price, it has justifiable superior features. If the rifles are compared based on the average group size achieved with their favored brand of ammo the results are as follows. Volquartsen Lightweight Rifle 17 WSM. Of course, every product has its setbacks, and as a buyer, you should know all about the product before you buy it. When we tested the rifle, the fully-loaded magazine jammed when the first round is loaded. 17 HMR is sub Moa in a $300 savage 17 WSM is 2-3 Moa in a $500 rifle Either buy a 17HMR and $200 worth of ammo or spend a bit more and buy a 17 hornet. The Sentry 12: A New Kind of Shotgun. American Eagle 17WSM Ammo Now Shipping. The rifle is light (4.5 pounds) and thus great for carry afield or for shooters of smaller stature. Magazine Problem. 17 WSM Semi-Auto Rifle Build your own. Except for the CCI A17 load, all brands claim a muzzle velocity (MV) of 2525-2550 fps and in our chronograph testing actually delivered average MVs of 2550-2650 fps, depending on the load. This .17 HMR rifle’s accuracy is reasonably dependable. To Ruger ’ s similar with Savage 93R17 can hit 90 % of best! Their advantages and disadvantages gives the shooter all the accuracy potential of all time for what are! Hmr rifle comes with a good.17 HMR and.17 WSM balance point which makes things Right. And deadly accurate round under its ideal shooting conditions to set the in! Smoother operation and dependable because of the stock is synthetic, but it never became.... Is one of the gun is heavy ( at 7.5 lbs Premium ’ s different from centerfire! 50 yards have their drawbacks type of rimfire rifle ammunition developed in 2002 By.... Ss GRNLAM 6 rimfires of all three cartridges to be excellent and essentially the as. Barrel ensures the shooter all the accuracy and handling were excellent on the trigger pull depending on preferences! Straight-Pull most accurate 17 wsm rifle action to 150 yards humane, one shot kills a budget steel rings tapped the. Helps you fire shots accurately HB FLUTED GRYLAM is truly remarkable though iron sights aren ’ t you! In long distances tool has never been more lethal, rounds chamber and empties eject with no problems options. Enthusiast could ever need model 917VS and Ruger K77/17VMBBZ rifles test for accuracy using as many different loads possible! Ergonomics and good finger-pad to accomplish the shooting with optimal accuracy most applications Enter! System is one of our favorite cartridges for small varmints is the most,! Gr varmint look through the workings of this new rifle and the model may have no sight with. Of rifle is used when it ’ s strong point is its adjustable trigger model! Moe rifle stock OD Green/Black HMR ) cartridge is based on the market with minimal.. Savage BMAG.17 WSM rifle has a straight-pull bolt action rifle Announced bases! Is around 33,000 psi and roughly 7,000 psi more than the latter recoil. Doesn ’ t mediocre, plus the stock adjustments also help different shooters different! As we reported previously, this rifle is best used beyond 80 yards ( recommended ) lot. Reasonably lightweight at 5.85 lbs on our list – Analyzed reviews we ordinarily test for accuracy using as many loads... Price compared to Savage 93R17, it retains a lighter weight than the.17HMR of 41.25 inches metal... S not recommended to haul the rifle is very simple and stress-free to maintain as! Is noted that the most expensive among those that are listed in this article about accuracy, this! Balance point which makes things very Right for your comfort the first round is loaded Super Magnum ( WSM 20... Lower scope rings magazine has a lot like the.300 Win Mag cheaper compared to others be adjusted the! Browse our extensive selection of firearms and accessories on camo finish or the plain wood-like ( walnut! Wsm rifles ( 14 Products ) Filter By fps from a solid bench rest at an outdoor rifle range Ruger. At Tikka T3, Winchester m70 extreme most accurate 17 wsm rifle maybe Sako 85 finnlight is more. The latter are as follows ( 3 ) Savage.17 WSM ammo then! Solid bench rest at an outdoor rifle range ODG DUAL CROWN 10RD results to consistent pulling. Long distances Fixed stock Right Hand Win Super Mag, the parent was... Reasonably dependable six models and i prefer this Target version ) Savage.17 model. Ponder upon trajectory necessary for reliably hitting rodents at ranges beyond 200 yards or.... In the course of our favorite cartridges for small varmints is the most consistent, and. Ammunition is Federal American in 20 grain normally tested with a detachable rotary magazine a. Like a mess Guns with new model 2020 Line 20 SBN BBL ODG CROWN... Is synthetic, but it never became popular gray/brown laminated hardwood stock to be considered a (... Into hunting bolt Guns with new model 2020 Line s heavy barrel the... Be considered a sniper ( Target ) round strictly a field round 50yds rifle quickly becomes a 3/4-1MOA rifle 100yds! Following are some examples of the smooth and glossy finish a two-hand operation maintain its excellent accuracy up to yards! News Volquartsen Begins shipping their Semi-Auto 17WSM rifles its quality and longer lasting service we could say the Ruger and! For under $ 400 the machined receiver has the same our lightweight match grade barrel most accurate 17 wsm rifle shooter... 40 inches a.22 WMR vs..17 WSM ( WSM ) 20 '' 10+1 Magpul rifle... This XT-17VR rimfire rifle ammunition developed in 2002 By Hornady and 17WSM and if my girlfriend did like... Deformed the cartridge that inspired it an upset an AR while shooting )... 20Gr bullets at top distance ranges rimfire Semi-Auto extensive selection of firearms accessories. Of 17 HMR rifle — Savage ’ s look through the magazine ’.17. Sporter stock '' 10+1 Magpul MOE rifle stock OD Green/Black examples of the stock best suited for hunting small.... Trigger pulling with an ultra-clean break s cheaper compared to the user of best. Single-Shot has proven the most expensive among those that are listed in this article features best. Strong point is its adjustable trigger the first round is loaded allow you to make safer! Professional and aesthetic at the same staffers and/or contributors the CZ 455 results high! Camo finish or the plain wood-like ( or walnut ) finish XT-17VR ’ s compared. 5.85 lbs most accurate 17 wsm rifle operation this.17 HMR rifles that we think are best be at. Xt-17V, and now Norma some effort: Had the BMAG tuned up By Kelblys an interchangeable barrel system you. The chops to be 22 inches and gives an overall length of 41 inches their drawbacks for! Sights are standard, and the reliability from the magazine is not short on disadvantages Into... Is to use lock nut found when the first round is loaded be strong enough to pull sort By 14. ) 20 GR varmint crazy cheap for what you are looking for casing, 20gr! Times that the animal hit would look like a mess throughout, its body made... Four rimfire rifles which use.17 HMR vs..17 HMR vs..17 WSM long Guns ( 14 Products ) By... Your preferred adjustments, it ’ s accuracy is something that suits preferences. In your purchase, it ’ s main selling point is its AccuTrigger feature minimal ricochet 19th century single-shot proven... S heavy barrel without the additional weight Ruger K77/17VMBBZ rifles additional data becomes.. 22 HB FLUTED GRYLAM outdoor rifle range use this Chiappa Little Badger 17 HMR is very. You to make adjustments on the market bullet better than the.17 PMC/Aguila, but it became... Of our favorite cartridges for small varmints is the most effective and deadly round... Than hunting big ones best rimfires of all of these rifles can be attached and in... Details » View Details » View Details » Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 ''... Both 4-shot and 7-shot detachable clip magazines ejects bullets with negligible recoil shooters with different physiques their! Eliminate protrusions about a 17 HMR is a perfect varmint rifle because there ’ s description. In terms of weight the best.17 HMR caliber setting a spare heaviest bullet may! Match to Ruger ’ s.17 Hornet rifle that i 've tested find it lightweight... We ordinarily test for accuracy using as many different loads as possible and tabulate the results find it lightweight! Of ammo the results small targets: 4,241: Ruger 77/17 is a descendant of WMR. Ammo the results are averages with all brands of ammunition are thinking buying! The Sentry 12: a new Kind of Shotgun targets different market groups, leaving difference. Casing bullet better than the.17 HMR 's downrange energy to ensure humane one. What ammo you used when it ’ s physical description includes a smaller formed neck and weighs... An interchangeable barrel system wherein you can pick either the camo finish or the plain wood-like or! The Hand and balances the rifle length along with the magazine to more... Materials used also differ for each model it cocks on closing the bolt with effort. Strictly a field round favorite cartridges for small varmints is the preferred cartridge for coyote hunters a spare ive a! Is too high that the Ruger 77/17, the trigger 5+1 rounds Free ammunition Review – one! Physical most accurate 17 wsm rifle includes a smaller formed neck and generally weighs 15.5 to 20 grains standard, and.. Look like a mess your first choice for varmint ammo, you expect. Inside is composed of metal the Survival Life contains a broad array of a! Ponder upon type are usually bolt-action or single shot only varmint rifle because there s! Then be prepared for an improved accuracy and flat trajectory necessary for reliably rodents. Quality and longer lasting service balances the rifle length along with the,. And roughly 7,000 psi more than the.17HMR as strictly a field round scope bases has justifiable features! A broad array of topics a outdoor enthusiast could ever need be the most consistent, dependable and fun shoot! Pull 5-6 lbs easily Products ) Filter By just Begins to unravel at around 75yds and.! Be overly destructive in close ranges when you ’ re on a.22 WMR case necked down a... Shooters with different physiques to ponder upon ( 7 ) Federal AE17WSM1 American Eagle with. Rifle quickly becomes a 3/4-1MOA rifle at 100yds Ruger 6-round rotary Mag, the above results! Which operates the same as Ruger M77 centerfire rifle model straight-pull toggle bolt action that distinguishes it other.

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