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Also Read: The World's Top Whiskey Destinations, 755 Friedens Rd, Suite B, Saint Charles, MO. Dave Weglarz founded StilL 630 on June 30, 2011. #particles-js1 > img{ Spirits of St. Louis After conceiving Square One a decade ago, owner Steve Neukomm expanded beyond beer, offering the state’s first micro-distillery restaurant in 2008. Copyright 2020 SLM Media Group. width: 100%; The Crystal Saint-Louis is the oldest manufacturer of Glassmaking in Europe (1586). } The Crystal Saint-Louis is the oldest manufacturer of Glassmaking in Europe (1586). width: 100%; z-index:8; St. Louis Distillery takes one of the region’s best craft beers and turns it into something unique - appealing to craft beer and vodka lovers alike. The whiskey, now 18 months old, is sourced from the MGP distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

position:relative; An 8th generation farm from Columbia, Illinois where almost all ingredients are manufactured and grown, Stumpy’s Spirits offers six distills, including a pecan pie flavored whiskey that might pique your taste. by The first craft distillery in Missouri’s Montgomery County, Wood Hat boasts the only wood-fired still in the country. } Part of the diverse and eclectic Baileys' Restaurant family, Small Batch’s sister restaurants include Baileys' Range, Rooster, Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, Baileys' Chocolate Bar, pop, and Knockout BBQ. The whiskey hit retail shelves in 2014 and was named as the Best in Category in 2015 by the American Craft Distilling Institute.

The producer of a wide variety of whiskeys and rums, StilL 630 was recently ranked No. /*position: absolute; Join us on our Whiskey Tasting Festival and get savings! #particles-js1 .slider-x-lead-title{ It hit retail shelves in September 2014. P.O. We actually took that a step further and did a comparison of finishes in Irish Whiskey… (Raymond Griesedieck was caught bootlegging beer in 1924 and subsequently switched to spirits.) } The whiskey is sourced from the MGP distillery from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. 53 tips and reviews Jodi Frisina: Come to the Spirits of St Louis table and see Wayne and Jodi for a sample of locally made vodka, gin, whiskey … Ray Griesedieck, the company’s current president, and his son Bob are the family’s 8th and 9th generations to be in this beer business and have revived the spirits business with their vodka, rum, and famous Old Scenter White Dog unaged corn whiskey. #particles-js1{ Tu pedido se entregará en minutos, y podrás consultar la llegada estimada mientras esperas. They serve St. Louis-style ribs, impressive fries, and an overall dynamic menu. Their Starka, in particular, is the very first American-produced vodka that is created in the tradition of Eastern European aging in a medium-charred Missouri white oak barrels. Fountain on Locust owner Joy Christensen and Erich Kollinger hope to start producing spirits by the end of this year. Hay mucho más que te encantará en la app.

Old Scenter White Dog Unaged Corn Whiskey. It became the second distillery in the U.S. to produce a tequila-style spirit, called Agave Blue, from blue agave nectar. padding: 0px 10% !important; Gary Hinegardner, its founder, carves and wears actual wooden hats. } width: 100%; Well, this is it! Genevieve at 90 proof. Small Batch is a whiskey lounge and restaurant for those with a penchant for American whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes. } But the city offers more than just BBQs and game shouts and their iconic Gateway Arch. Spirits of St. Louis creates hand-crafted spirits using local bounty and natural ingredients to produce spirits that are full of flavor. Seasonal cocktail: Apple Cider Mimosa ... Saint Louis, Mo, 63108 (314) 833-6666. czarnec@charter.net . .slider-x-lead-title1{ 53 tips and reviews Jodi Frisina: Come to the Spirits of St Louis table and see Wayne and Jodi for a sample of locally made vodka, gin, whiskey … What’s more is that all the distilling, fermenting and aging is done onsite and the distillers use grains and fruits that are all locally grown. } BOX 191606 The Crystal Saint-Louis is the oldest manufacturer of Glassmaking in Europe (1586). 21 tips and reviews, 315 Chestnut Street, Hyatt Hotel, St Louis, MO. 314-918-3000.

Crafted by StillJoy Spirits, the Movados line consists of range of artisanal spirits incorporating fresh ingredients. }

position: absolute; hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1943696, '8f51517c-bcb1-48c9-aebc-d38f469f1e25', {}); In 2010, three longtime friends created their New Haven-based distillery, Pinckney Bend. The distillery, located just a block from The Fountain on Locust, will offer a whiskey made with local grain combinations, as well as a gin featuring homegrown botanicals. The Starka is the first American-produced vodka created in the Eastern European tradition of aging in medium-charred Missouri white oak barrels. .slider-x-item-title1{ .slider-hero-prev, .slider-hero-next{ }

M - Th: 5PM - 11PMF - Sa: 4PM - 12AMSu: 10AM - 11PM (Brunch until 3PM). The Big O recently put out its reserve edition which spends time  in some oak-used rye barrels from StilL 630.

So sit back and relax as we take a look at St. Louis’ top whiskey distilleries to knock you off your senses!

.slider-x-lead-title1{ Click below! Be Seen.

background-size: cover; } } It was more than I expected. Every batch of ginger used is hand chopped and the spirit itself is distilled at the Crown Valley Winery in Ste. You can also try out the J.J. Neukomm Malt Whiskey which is an American single-malt with 25 percent of cherrywood-smoked malted barley that took a gold at the 2013 Beverage Tasting Institute. For those who wish for something with a bit more kick for a sip, then there is no shortage of spirits producers across the region! J.J. Neukomm Missouri Malt Whiskey, an American single-malt produced with 25 percent cherrywood-smoked malted barley, took gold at the 2013 Beverage Tasting Institute.

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I `d recommend stopping in and having the Phil burger ”. Two years later, it opened in a former Hardee’s in downtown St. Louis offering great spirits. top: 30%;*/

Genevieve at 90 proof. .ytp-show-watch-later-title{display:none !important} z-index: 1; } Click below. box-sizing: border-box; } we also offer a vegetable-centered menu inspired by local and global cuisine. There is a ridiculously large collection of whiskeys to choose from – including a full bar. Using mostly Missouri grains, the distillery produces a variety of award-winning spirits such as the 3-grain American Vodka, Rested American Whiskey, American Corn Whiskey, Cask Finished Gin, and American Gin.

top: 10%;*/ It opened two years later in a former Hardee’s in downtown St. Louis. .qc-sliderX-bottom-slide{ Opened in 2013 at Hendricks BBQ, in St. Charles, Moonshine serves more than 300 whiskeys, including about 30 varieties of moonshine. width: 100%; //cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/1943696/hub_generated/template_assets/5860430785/1569873589984/Coded_files/Custom/page/BeSocialScene_2018/CompanyMain.js, engage prospects and connect with customers, halloween costumes for groups and couples. background-color: #4684b5; opacity: 0; Pinckney Bend boasts a tasting room, a buy-your-own-barrel program, and a new 360-gallon pot still. Whiskey a domicilio en Saint Louis.

All fermenting, distilling, and aging is done onsite, and the distillers use locally grown fruits and grains. z-index:1;

#particles-js1 canvas { Three longtime friends launched their New Haven–based distillery in 2010. Already it’s been named the best craft vodka distillery in the nation in the USA Today Readers’ Choice 10Best Craft Distilleries. The Griesedieck family sold beer from the 1800s into 1977, then relaunched in 2002. It boasts a new 360-gallon pot still, a buy-your-own-barrel program and a tasting room. Spirits of St. Louis After conceiving Square One a decade ago, owner Steve Neukomm expanded beyond beer, offering the state’s first micro-distillery restaurant in 2008. 1. position:absolute; Each batch of ginger used in the tasty libation is hand chopped, and the spirit itself is distilled at Crown Valley Winery in Ste. Big O recently put out a reserve edition that spent time in oak (used rye barrels from StilL 630).

} .ytp-gradient-top{display:none !important} height: 100%; A family affair, this distilling, and liqueur company was started by a husband and wife duo Billy Foster and Kathy Kuper and now includes their son Chris. This year, the American Craft Spirits Association awarded the Double Barrel RallyPoint with a gold medal and dubbed it Best in Class. Local in house smoked BBQ meets the wonderful world of whiskey! top: 0; padding: 0px 10% !important;

For more information and upcoming events, visit our website at BeSocialScene.com.

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