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"Pichear" is slang for ignoring someone or something, but in this case it's full-on ghosting. Even as he gains more fame, he's decided to remain on the island. Just under a week ago the Puerto Rican rapper uploaded a series of serious thirst traps onto his Instagram. To help, here’s a guide to the Puerto Rican cultural references he makes in each song. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! He's referencing a character named Nairobi, who gives zero fucks and does whatever the hell she wants. RELATED | Pabllo Vittar Releases '111' Album Early After Leaks, Pabllo Vittar Releases '111' Album Early After Leaks, RuPaul Covers 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine, Releases Christmas EP, 'Batwoman' Gives First Look at Javicia Leslie's New Costume, Senator Forced to Flee Home After Homophobic Death Threats Tells Story, 'Adventures of Sabrina' Drops New Trailer and Season Release Date, Adam Rippon Is Getting His Own Television Show, Watch 'SNL' Parody the Village People's 'YMCA' to Attack Trump, Big Dipper Takes Us to a Bear-Filled Eagle Bar in 'Back Up Off Me' Vid. "At the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man" he told Los Angeles Times. The Genius translation of the lyrics tell that story. Meaning: Brava is a nightclub inside the San Juan Hotel. She's also Lourdes' sister. Like much of Bad Bunny's work, the video skewered gender norms and reveled in the colorful delights of confidence, fluidity, and open-mindedness.

These women offered insightful, tender, triumphant studies of deeply personal and relevant issues: "Rain On Me" celebrated sisterhood and resilience in the face of trauma; "The Man" artfully illustrated sexist double standards; and "Everything I Wanted" meditated upon depression and familial love. Meaning: Chilindrina is a character from El Chavo Del Ocho. Meaning: You might be wondering why Benito's singing about drinking with his friends until 5 a.m. That seems far later than when bars typically close anywhere, right? Meaning: Bayamón is a municipality in Puerto Rico. ", "Yo tengo muchos chavos, por eso 'toy Chilindrina.

Click on a star to rate it! Meaning: Benito says he wants to be able to retire and be set for life like Miguel Cotto, who was one of the island's most prominent boxers until retiring in 2017. Meaning: "Cacos" are basically the Puerto Rican version of cholos.

Meaning: "Tranqui" is short for "tranquila/tranquilo," which means "relax" or "relaxed," depending on the context. Meaning: "Banshees" are ATVs (typically referred to as "four-tracks" in Puerto Rico). ", "Se pasan hablando con los astro' pa' robarme las señales. ", "El blanquito bobo que estudiaba en el CUTA. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. 1 on the Hot 100 for 11 consecutive weeks, becoming one of just 39 songs in history to maintain such a long streak. Meaning: "Tacas" means heels, so she's basically glamming it up on Friday and then the next day dressing down and wearing sneakers. ", "Los fili en las Louis Vuitton los guarda. ", "Que vivan los guerreros en el Barrio Obrero/Donde hay callejones, cientos de crackeros. ", "Pero a mi manera pa' la calle, Savio Vega. Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ on Genius in detail and find the translation here. Kintaro is a restaurant that serves Japanese and Chinese cuisine. ", "Tetas bien grandes como Lourdes Chacón. In case you're wondering — we know you are — the performer has opened up about his sexuality saying "It does not define me.". Basically, a "bichiyal" is a woman who may be of a lower class, but she enjoys the finer things in life. How useful was this post? Truly giving the gays what we deserve. For those of us who don't speak Spanish, "Yo Perreo Sola" is a bit of a bad bitch anthem according to Out social editor Javy Rodriguez. MTV handed out 24 awards on Monday night at the 2020 VMAs. Maluma actually performed at the VMAs, so his win was fairly predictable. ", "fili" comes from Phillies blunts rolling paper, accused of stealing opposing catchers’ signs. "Pero, ahora me gusta otra sicaria que vive por Bayamón.

", "Una onceta de krippy, con eso me calmo. Song: “Yo Perreo Sola" Meaning: The Spanish Netflix series La Casa De Papél (Money Heist) is a big hit in Puerto Rico.
Abro hilo: Meaning: As writer Frances Solá-Santiago explained, it's a term used to reclaim the negative aspects tied to "yal" – which is used to refer to women of a lower class – and turn it into an empowering word, combined with "bicha" (bitch). They are popular in the island amongst people who live in rural areas. Just him, what looks like a terrycloth towel, and some heart shaped shades.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. "Blinding Lights" is one of the best music videos of 2020, to be sure, but multiple of its fellow nominees are better. ", "Abuela, bendición, hoy cumplí otro goal. Although Gaga and Grande created a near-perfect pop video and summer bop, it's difficult to justify its win for song of the year when "The Box" exists.

For those of us who don't speak Spanish, "Yo Perreo Sola" is a bit of a bad bitch anthem according to Out social editor Javy Rodriguez. It's a Mexican show from the '70s, but it was very popular in all of Latin America, including Puerto Rico. Your encyclopedia to Bad Bunny's boricua references and slang. Louis Vuitton bags are a status symbol in Puerto Rico, so he's saying she smokes weed and is of an upper class. Average rating 4.5 / 5. Meaning: Lourdes Chacón is a singer and actress from Puerto Rico. This year's remote ceremony doled out major awards to deserving artists like BTS ("On"), Megan Thee Stallion ("Savage"), and Taylor Swift ("The Man"). Fun fact: my prom's after-party was there. ", "Yo soy de Juana Mato', 'tos comíamos del mismo plato. MTV's annual Video Music Awards are designed to celebrate the best songs and visuals of the past year. Cakes on display and all. In the video Bunny plays both sides: appearing as a latex wearing baddie, a big boobed video vixen, himself, and even as some chained up BDSM sub it seems. Her attitude follows the theme of the album title.

Meaning: Savio Vega is a wrestler from Puerto Rico. ", "Loca con los caco', pero que sean finos. Vote count: 6328. Meaning: In Puerto Rico, it's customary to ask your grandparents for their blessing as a way to show your love and respect. Meaning: "Mordía" is slang for someone who is bitter. He's been very vocal about political issues on the island, and has used his platform to fight for the betterment of the lives of those in Puerto Rico. Roddy Ricch's smash hit single reigned at No. Bad Bunny's saying that he's respected by all in the island, no matter where they're from. Bad Bunny is really putting us through it. Meaning: Arcángel is giving props to his old hood, Barrio Obrero, which is part of Santurce, a city in San Juan. But a few categories were noticeably fumbled — even if the winners are, hypothetically, based on fans' votes. "Rain On Me," however, debuted at No. Spanish lyrics [Refrán: Nesi] Ante' tú me pichaba' (Tú me pichaba') Ahora yo picheo (Hmm, nah) Antes tú no quería' (No quería') Ahora yo no quiero (Hmm, no) Ante' tú me pichaba' (-chaba') Most bars close around 5 a.m. They're guys who want to be gangsters and associated with a lower socio-economic class. Me gustó porque no anda así no la aprendemos y así pero mi mamá Bueno o sea es que me habló Para pedirme y no me dejó cantarla la de yo perreo sola …

Meaning: The Spanish Netflix series La Casa De Papél (Money Heist) is a big hit in Puerto Rico. "One never knows in life. ", "Le gusta montarse en los banshee y chillar.

The only reason Machine Gun Kelly's music video for "Bloody Valentine" got any attention was because of the speculation it fed (that was later confirmed) about his relationship with Megan Fox. Submit Rating . And now, the star has dropped his latest music video for his track "Yo Perreo Sola," where he appears in drag as a variety of video vixens. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data.

Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! So if you want to sing along to "Yo Perreo Sola", here are the full Spanish lyrics to the song, and the English translation—courtesy of Genius. Obsessed with travel? He's saying that she loves these types of guys, but under the condition that they're good-looking. Bad Bunny couldn't be prouder to be Puerto Rican.
Meaning: Iris Chacón is an iconic dancer and singer from Puerto Rico, known for her curves. Be the first to rate this post. Four of those awards were handed to the wrong artists, including video of the year, which went to The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights. He also has shown himself to be an ally, honoring a slain trans woman on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. No votes so far!

You know, a queen! Well, in Puerto Rico we party hard. Meaning: He's referencing the island's minimum wage, which is outrageously low. Maluma and J Balvin's video for "Qué Pena" was fairly standard, whereas Bad Bunny's "Yo Perreo Sola" was a stroke of genius. Basically, her squad's feeling inferior because she's hotter than them. Meaning: He's referring to his college, Colegio Universitario Tecnológico de Arecibo (CUTA).

Reporting on what you care about. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. He mentions the things that people shame the area for, including drugs, and sketchy alleys, but he still loves it regardless. Meaning: The slang term "fili" comes from Phillies blunts rolling paper. Talk about a range! Multiple other nominees would have been more deserving of its award for best alternative, including FINNEAS' uber-charming "Let's Fall in Love for the Night" and Lana Del Rey's hypnotic "Doin' Time" (which Insider previously ranked as one of 2019's best videos). But at the moment I am heterosexual and I like women." He's using her name because it sounds like "chillin'.".

1 but dropped down the chart immediately after. Yo perreo sola (Perreo sola) Original Lyrics were taken from genius.com and we translated the Lyrics of this song from Spanish to English. It has a bit of a bad rap when it comes to crimes, so he's basically saying his new girl's up to no good, referring to her as a hitwoman. Maluma actually performed at the VMAs, so … Meaning: He's likening those who want to cop his musical style to Alex Cora, the Puerto Rican former manager of the Boston Red Sox, who was accused of stealing opposing catchers’ signs.

Otherwise, it's neither particularly compelling nor unique. ", "Los sabados en tacas, los viernes en retro. ", "Las nalgas bien grandes como Iris Chacón. ", "Respeta'o en lo' barrio' y en lo' caserío' (To' el mundo me quiere). Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, artfully illustrated sexist double standards, Insider previously ranked as one of 2019's best videos, 5 artists who didn't deserve their 2020 VMA nominations — sorry, Taylor Swift is the first solo female artist to win best director at the VMAs, and fans are calling it 'poetic', The 34 best music videos of 2020 (so far), ranked, Miley Cyrus channeled her iconic 'Wrecking Ball' video by climbing onto a disco ball during her VMAs performance. The Genius translation of the lyrics tell that story. MTV has a habit of awarding artists who actually show up to the ceremony, despite insisting that its awards are "fan-voted.". The singer Nesi joins Bunny on the song as the female essentially saying that Bunny used to ignore her and now she ignores him. YHLQMDLG stands for "Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana," which means "I Do Whatever I Want.".

", "Pa' retirarme tranquilo como Miguel Cotto. Official audio for Bad Bunny “Yo Perreo Sola Remix” is available on : Meaning: Juana Matos is one of the island's housing projects.

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