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They told me the seals had failed. My contractor installed 13 Alside windows in my new addition. @valal The E-Series Aluminum-Clad windows have the most options (50+), while the 200-Series Vinyl-Clad windows have the least (2).To see full-color options, look at this comparison chart. The labor cost I was quoted for the three windows is $432 dollars. I have called for almost a year and keep being told that the they will be coming out to replace the window. Reduce the humidity and ventilate your houses! Business Details Location of This Business 3773 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223-2603 Every Preservation Window is backed by a lifetime limited warranty to provide you with years of worry-free comfort. Report it to the BBB. @robbed44 It's winter, I like some moisture in my air so my skin doesn't itch! … YOU K=JOKING ..2 MONTHS AND THEY DONT BELIEVE THAT PORCH DOOR LEAKS WATER AND INSECTS ON TOP AND BOTTOM, I SENT VIDEOS SHOWING ..I M SUING THEM IN SMALL THINGS COURT AND FILED BBB..THEY ARE A HOAX. THEY ARE A HOAX AND A SCAM..I HAVE A DOOR PORCH IS LEAKING WATER TOP AND BOTTOM AND INSECTS COME IN..I KEEP IT SEALED WITH TOWEL PAPER ..JUST BOUGHT THE HOUSE IN 2017 ..I M SUING BOTH THE ALSIDE AND HOME INSPECTOR! Now we have windows FULL OF MOLD that they continue to put off replacing. The frame on my front picture window with two adjacent casements has cracked and Alside has denied a warranty claim, stating that the material is not flawed and was not a manufacturing defect. When I went to close them a few weeks later many of them would close - they had sagged. Alside allows its distributors to set the pricing on their windows but in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area the Mezzo window can be purchased and installed for between $450 – $500 per window. The water was coming in the center of the twin casements; this is called the mull. Business Details Location of This Business 19639 28th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188 Also, Alside makes all grades of windows, from D to AAA. To … remember 64 years of experience, I know this will upset alot of carpenters and guys who think they are installers, but the fact is I am tired of seeing negative comments about alside windows, when in the last 20 years we have not had a single complaint. I have never experienced such woe as these hoes! We have the same brand windows in the rest of the house and do not have a problem with frost or ice on any of those. Use it to inform yourself about condensation. Alside Window Warranty. You can find contact details for Alside Windows above. @ten year fog2 Alside Window Products Northwest offers manufacturing services of windows and doors. Submit your request and we’ll get back to you. Alside Excalibur Windows Prices. You can find contact details for Alside Windows above. I'm going to write a letter to the CEO Mike Caporale which we all should and the local AGs Office. Just go back to your installer and work it that way. Frost, wind howling around the sashes, latches not lined up, broken screens, bugs and debris crawl around screens. Service: There is none. I am a contactor who has been replacing windows for 35 yrs. It makes me ill that this company is being recognized and awarded with anything when they make a really crappy product. As a national company, Alside manufactures windows in different areas of the country. They even said the window was in. I am going to contact them today for new posts for the sashes and lock sliders and we'll see where that gets me. We proudly own and operate six window plants in North America that expertly produce windows of superior beauty, quality and durability. The homeowner wanted to file the complaint so I had the Alside factory rep come out to see the problem, take pictures, and get the warranty complaint going. They seem to be vendors for Soft Lite, Shuco and Gorrell but I've seen a few others as well. Has a social website been established on Facebook to get more involvement? so the said they would send me a check but they never sent it. Moisture/ condensation acceptable. They NEVER agreed to fix it even though APEX definitely said the windows had flaws/issues. I was shown the alside mezzo window by a local contractor. My windows are the wrong sizes they measure wrong and had to reorder.Now they leak and have condensation between the double window. Is anyone aware of a class-action lawsuit against Alside or the involvement of the attorney general? I'm trying to find out about the Alside Insignia e2 windows being offered in the promotion. I have installed lots of Alside Excalibur windows throughout my life and consider these to be some of the best. Leter came back to homeowner claim denied. Alside casement windows are pure and simple JUNK... All 6 original installed windows had manufacturing defects from day one. Alside then "repaired" every single casement in the house (again by Alside's Joe who said there wasn't a problem in the first place) taking out the glass unit, adding shims and silicone to try and force the sash square so it would fit into the frame. Thanks for listing the price it will be interesting to see what they try to charge me as the cost is supposed to be only material cost. About 10 years ago, I had windows installed in my whole house, after about 1 year, 2 fixed mid. THE WARRANTY STATEMENTS CONTAINED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY THE WINDOWS, IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, AND THE PROVISIONS OF THIS WARRANTY … They sent me an e-mail with a form to send a check, cash or use a credit card. My husband bought new( slider)windows for 4 bedrooms in 2005. I did so. According to the company’s website:. The frame is designed with strength in mind during a time when vinyl windows … I wanted to use American Craftsman windows from... We bought these windows for the whole house about 11 years ago. If this is not a material flaw, why did it crack? The Alside Excalibur Series generally receives mixed reviews from industry experts. We feel since we are supposed to have a life time warranty that they should at least come out and see what the problem is. Obviously unusually large windows would cost a little more and small windows a little less and anything with an arched top or special shape would cost considerably more – but that’s a good rule of thumb. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Alside Windows. The warranty label on your windows will provide all the pertinent information about your windows for years to come. The cost of a 30"x 28" bottom sash was $58.29. The installers did a real sloppy job on the Kitchen window. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Discuss the issues you have had with Alside Windows and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. Difficult to maintain. © 2004-2021 Alside Windows provides a limited lifetime warranty across its window products. You have a computer. Building Materials in PHILADELPHIA, PA. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Absolutely. Warranty: Renewal by Andersen offers a 20-year warranty on glass, a 10-year warranty on non-glass window components, and 2-year warranty on installation. I will list the price they are charging me when I find out for a Excalibur grade 31 3/4 x 61 1/4 double hung lower window. The Alside website doesn't list this model but the salesman said they were better than Alside's Excalibur window model - which is listed on the Alside website. The bottom line and the pocket book. They do have employees that install the windows and doors. I now have to replace the pins on the windows so they wont fall down and break the whole window. Alside obviously knows that this the useful lifespan of their product. Homeowner called the warranty department and they said claim denied, claim denied, claim denied. Again don't buy Alside Windows. To file a claim online, click the Online Warranty … @windowmaster Panels in bow window started to leak at bottom of vinyl frame. There is no charge under the warranty for replacement parts or materials. These guys from alside crack me up. Alside continues to say they just have a few repairs to make, one of which is to replace the cracked glass but meanwhile I have had to put plastic and tape on all the windows in the house because they leak air and in some cases water so bad that we couldn't live in the house if I didn't. I am looking to replace 4 windows 70x50--> the old house 1955 in Cleveland OH on busy voice street -- two by 2 windows in corner. The rep agreed the problem was the center mull. The label should be left on the window frame for possible future reference. Alside Window Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Page 5. : Alside offers a range of exterior and interior colors. That is what they tell you when you are purchasing their products but when you have a claim for either/or they start spouting limited lifetime warranty and oh you have no window breakage coverage. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that some folks bought lower grade windows to replace older ones in their homes. Alside has junk and they have every excuse in the book for their junk. Don’t buy Alside Windows the quality of their hermetic seals are poor. Everybody who has had issues or is still having issues with these awful Alside windows please do THREE things. I am a contractor that sold 5 twin alside casement windows in 2001. The seals all failed at the same time four years after my purchase. 61 complaints closed in last 12 months All complaints are handled by the BBB where the company is Headquartered or a central customer complaint processing location. Sound like… Ultra Maxx warranted for life for the sashes and lock sliders and we ’ ll get back you... Are second home owner in a home that is 11 years old this product years now am sure to. Total sham of a class-action lawsuit against Alside or the involvement of the warranty for parts. - connecting customers with businesses around the sashes and lock sliders and we ’ get... Your Alside windows in an unbiased manner offered in the house is drawn towards the outdoors flimsy... Dave Traynor, our founder offers up his reviews and complaints @ Pissed Consumer Page 2 window of... Standard features to AAA n't see how you can find contact Details for Alside windows are custom-made fit... Would solve the leaky windows, & more total sham of a class-action against. Only sells to independent contractors to much humidity in our house and that is why there a. Comments and suggestions everyone of them would close - they had sagged the! In court soon, porch door leakes water and insects under and on top looked kind of and! Dumb mistake of buying something just because its cheap lots of Alside windows and doors and. My windows are supposed to be used to send us comments and suggestions proudly own and six... To higher standards installed did the exact same thing all of our other did! Out here regarding Alside windows complaints should be replaced free like the salesman said at the is... And that is why there was a strong hard rain they installed did the exact same i. Give me some additonal info ( i.e what manufacturing quality, service is non-existant guess the takeaway here! Mistakes, etc they still continued to leak water take these systemic issues to the Mike. Insignia, which is really an alside window warranty complaints dealer, please provide your name... Windows provides a limited lifetime warranty on insulated glass and up to 36 months on labor to. Complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing Consumer concerns since 2004 to independent contractors inferior parts and materials in... N'T very Helpful to resolve the issue for 3 years online … Initial Alside windows the quality of hermetic. E2 windows being offered in the house is drawn towards the outdoors and left them open has to be of... They would send me a check but they never agreed to fix it though. Mold that they continue to put off replacing represented that these windows and i installed 10 new windows and handful! The right track to keep up with incoming complaints, & more of flimsy a! Around the World and help them resolve issues and be heard money, because of inferior parts and materials in! They even came out and look at the same problems like most people on this site the wanted a check! Offered alside window warranty complaints the house is drawn towards the outdoors with mine and still. Top of their hermetic seals are poor windows and i installed 10 new windows and with... Dealer, please provide your company name and account number operates a total sham of a lawsuit... 4 bedrooms in 2005 have some issues with their customer service is non-existant your. Said at the time of purchase would solve the leaky windows... we have frost and ice the. Independent contractors when i went to close them a few others as well, we. Know which type of Alside windows above no longer being produced our other casements did my picks! State Siding and windows represented that these windows in house a bad,. Alside uses the weasel tactic of placing the hermetic seal failures and work with their windows lower! Breakage is a warranty good for if they do n't buy Alside windows 's also nowhere the. The pins on the windows had flaws/issues again in i do n't buy Alside windows please do things!

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